Get Your Local Address

Here’s a complete guide where you can see how to use our services for shopping and shipping from Turkey.

1.Sign up and get a shipnavi address

Sign up with our easy online registration form and instantly get your own free Shipnavi address in Turkey to start shopping straight away 

2.Start Shopping

Shop from local and international top brands and get deals from online stores in Turkey or use our “Buy For Me” service and let us buy on your behalf.

3.Wait For Your Orders

After using your Shipnavi delivery address at check out on online stores, your orders will be delivered to your Shipnavi address in Turkey.

4.Combine Your Packages

Once you have received all your orders, consolidate your packages into one box and save up to 80% on shipping fees

5.Ship Your Packages Worldwide

From your account on Shipnavi, you can manage, ship, and track all your packages from Turkey, till delivery to your doorstep.

Unlimited Shopping
Does your seller doesn’t ship the item you want abroad? With Shipnavi you can shop limitlessly from every shop in Turkey.
Easy to Use
You can easily manage and track your shopping and deliveries from your Shipnavi Account.
Full Support
Our skillful team will help you do your best shopping from Turkey and give you full support.
Client Satisfaction
Turkey’s best shopping and package delivery service with 99% customer satisfaction is waiting for you!

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