What Is Buy For Me?
If that’s the case use our Buy For Me service and your personal shopper at shipnavi can do it on your behalf. Fast and hassle free.
Step one
Choose the product you want from a store in Turkey or from any online shopping site.
Step two
Add the links of the products you have selected and the features you want (Color, Size, Quantity and.) to the fields on your “Buy for Me” page.
Step three
Let shipnavi buy the product you. Yes, it’s that easy!

Get A Free Shipnavi Address In Turkey And Start Shopping Straight Away

Unlimited Shopping
Does your seller doesn’t ship the item you want abroad? With Shipnavi you can shop limitlessly from every shop in Turkey.
Easy to Use
You can easily manage and track your shopping and deliveries from your Shipnavi Account.
Full Support
Our skillful team will help you do your best shopping from Turkey and give you full support.
Client Satisfaction
Turkey’s best shopping and package delivery service with 99% customer satisfaction is waiting for you!

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